Capcom Details Resident Evil: Revelations Console Exclusive Content



Resident Evil: Revelations was already released over a year ago on the Nintendo 3DS handheld. No doubt due to popular demand, Capcom has been hard at work porting their most well-received RE game of 2012 to home consoles and PC. But a cherry has been added to the cake, as Capcom today confirmed a plethora of add-on content that will be available day one, including a confirmation that both Steam and PSN will have digital copies of the full game available the same day.

Lady Hunk

Lady Hunk

The story takes place between Resident Evil 4 and 5′s timelines and features gameplay reminiscent of their entries in the 3rd game and before. A few additions come free for those looking for the console and PC experience. An added enemy (the Wall Blister), harder difficulty setting (Infernal Mode), added depth to Raid Mode, and two extra playable characters (Hunk and Rachael) are all free content not yet seen in Revelations.

Some modestly priced DLC is also being promised for release in the weeks following the game’s release. Various upgrade packs for weapons are slated for an early June release. Two seperate packs that touch on all playable characters will hit the online stores on June 4th followed by new characters Rachel Ooze and Lady Hunk for Raid Mode on June 11th. One week later, a final confirmed wave of weapon upgrades for Jill, Parker, and Jessica will drop. Prices for all DLC range from $0.99 to $2.99 or a Microsoft Points equivalent.

Rachel Ooze

Rachel Ooze

A console release for Revelations has been highly anticipated since its original inception on Nintendo’s handheld. This was especially true after Resident Evil 6 released to mixed reviews, most gripes stemming from a lack of survival horror and overabundance of action sequences. All criticisms aside, Revelations introduces a saga following and seeking the origins of the T-abyss virus, a product of Veltro Corporation.

Resident Evil: Revelations for Nintendo 3DS was a wildly successful incarnation of the beloved survival horror franchise. Preceding last year’s full numbered Resident Evil 6 entry by a full 9 months, it garnered universal praise for the old school feel to its gameplay. A console version was announced earlier this year and the release date is upon us tomorrow, May 21st for $39.99.

The Launch trailer is embedded below:


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