Double Take – Tekken Tag Tournament 2


Double Take- Tekken Tag Tournament 2

One of the Greatest Fighting Games of 2012

The second entry to a TRG exclusive the “Double Take” To see if our original reviewing numbers not only stay the same but perhaps decline or rise based on several categories.

From the moment I put the disc in my gaming console, I was instantly in love, from the opening scenes to the ghost fight demo, this is the Tekken that I have been waiting for. The stories of each individual character are more or less continued from Tekken 6. With over 54 combatants to chose from, you will rarely find the same group encountered in random battles. When this title originally was released and I heard that they were going to implement a website that tracks everything for players, I was at first concerned on if it would actually work, and if it would slow down the game by constantly uploading fight information. To my surprise it is a fantastic feature, from being able to find out how much damage was dished out by each player, to the kinds of attacks that were used by either of them. One of the greatest features of this, in my opinion is the implementation of teams. This adds a whole new focus to online ranking matches.

With patch releases spread out through out the first 6 months of its release, Tekken has kept the feeling fresh, from new characters (Although some are clones, there are a few unique ones) to a few new stages to a new game mode called “World Arena”, which allows players to join massive lobbies to fight each other, or just make a small tournament group within the lobby.

Unknown AKA Devil Jun

Unknown AKA Devil Jun

Although the game has been out for several months now, the online community is still at large, whether they are practicing in player matches to overcome the next ranking, or just grinding out team points on ranked battles. After playing this title more or less non-stop the last week to do this article, I noticed that I was meeting at least one new person a day. That is exciting, the community is still growing.

As a huge fighting fan, this game has everything that I could ever want in a fighting game, from tight controls, to a well balanced character base, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has yet to disappoint me. If you are not into fighting games, the learning curve is a bit steep for the title, but anyone who has played any previous Tekken entries will feel at home here.

Originally I had given Tekken Tag Tournament 2 a solid 8 on the old website, but with the fantastic online support, the constant updated content, and strong community I feel that this title deserves a solid 9.

The Wii-U Version adds a new game mode and costumes!

The Wii-U Version adds a new game mode and costumes!

On a side note we have been planning to host community events and based on your interests I would like to add this title on the game cache for this event. Anyone with some input please email me


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