Bioshock Infinite Review

9 Overall Score
Graphics: 10/10
Music/Sound: 10/10
Story: 9/10

Great art and music style

Not much of anything bad with the exception of I wish there was more


Gameplay/controls: – 9 out of 10

If you never have played a bioshock game than you are in for a treat. What makes Infinite so different from typical first person shooter (fps) games is the use of Vigors through your left hand and right hand to shoot your gun. Vigors, for those who don’t know, are powers you acquire through out the game. Some examples are Shock Jockey which you use to stun enemies in place and Bucking Bronco which levitates enemies for you to pull them out of cover and just pound them down with bullets. Besides vigors and shooting a variety of guns you also have melee with a skyhook that doubles as a transportation device. Throughout the game all of your powers have ways to enhance them however you choose so your playthrough can be yours alone. One person may upgrade only guns and not use vigors unless necessary. Another person may focus on just their machine gun and Shock Jockey. With the overall guns and powers being so well balanced longtime fans will likely use much more combinations than just Electricity and Shotguns.

Now to enemy AI and a first for the series Partner AI. The enemies this time around are smarter, react more proper, and all tend to really find ways around your tactics. You’re constantly having to change guns, find ammo, use vigors because if you don’t think fast they can easily group up defeat you. After about one hour, give or take, in to the game you are giving a partner names Elizabeth who will constantly follow you from here on out. Do not worry she is in no way as useless as Ashley from Resident Evil 4. She won’t be fighting enemies but she will be throwing you ammo, salts to refill your vigors and She also possesses the power to pull things from other worlds in to yours by using Rifts. Even when not in combat it’s hard for her to be useless because she will pick locks, solve riddles and sometimes give you money so you can afford some much needed ammo or upgrades.

Story – 9 out of 10

As the story unfolds you are introduced as Booker Dewitt waking up on a row boat crossing the ocean in the rain headed towards a mysterious lighthouse. You’re than promptly handed a box with everything you will need inside. It contains a key, a gun, a code and a photo of Elizabeth. You are contracted by an unknown party to bring her to them and they will wipe away your debt. Once the row boat drops you off you’ll find yourself heading in to the lighthouse only to find a bloody body upstairs and a locked cage with a red chair behind it. You’ll very easily pass that puzzle and then the game begins. You sit in the chair and are blasted off in to the sky headed to Columbia, a floating 1920′s city!  From here on you start your search to find Elizabeth. You’ll also experience flashbacks that will be more of story ques than real gameplay but they are much enjoyed and implemented perfectly. I’d love to delve more in to the story but many spoilers would arise so in short LOVED the story to Bioshock Infinite. Though I cant give it a 10 out of 10 it is most definitely a high 9 and very worth playing through 2 times. One to understand it all and enjoy it than 2nd time is so you can piece together everything you missed, with out knowing, the first time through.

Graphics – 10 out of 10

This game is gorgeous! Everything in this game from the buildings slowly rocking from side to side, or the bright sun and clouds enveloping all around you. Not many games can make the sky look amazing but the team at Irrational nailed it with a capital N! I could spend more time walking around looking at 1920 propaganda posters and looking at the detail of light and texture of your hands every time you switch vigors. You cannot NOT love how this game looks. It’s something you need to definitely sit back and enjoy.

Audio/Music – 10 out of 10god-only-knows

Not many games make me say “I am so glad they played that song” but this game does. Again Irrational pulled all the stops to get this sound perfect. You will hear everything from steam push out of a Firemen’s armor to a quartet hum a Beatles song while standing on a floating air ship.They took the time to remake classic songs to fit this time period. I can only imagine the amount of time they spent on just sound in this game.



I am sorry Elizabeth but they do exist. There will always be imperfections in games. Not everything can be perfect and here they are.
I want more backstory and post-story for the characters. You do learn more about the characters but not enough about Elizabeth and a few other characters are learnt. All of this may be fixed with future DLC.
I wish you had more story paths to play through. You are given small options as you progress to kill this guy, and react this way but the problem with it is the fact that you can’t impact your final outcome. Will always be the same. I dislike this for the sole purpose of previous bioshock games had this option.
Last but not least. There is a war going on between The Founders and The Vox Populi supposedly happening as you make your way through the story. You do meet the leaders of both groups but the “war” aspect isn’t really there. Yes you know they exist, yes you know they don’t like each other but there really isn’t much of a war going on.

Lasting Impression – 10 out of 10

This game is amazing, It leaves you wanting more, The team at Irrational should be praised for the art style, music composition, and overall atmosphere of this masterpiece they created. Yes it has its very very very small flaws but that is not enough to even impact the greatness that is Bioshock Infinite!
Frankly I believe Infinite will be the best game Irrational has ever and will ever make.
It has easily become one of my most favorite games of all time. A must play for all gamers. Thank you Irrational Games for making me a very proud and happy gamer.

Final Overall Score – 9 out of 10


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