8 Overall Score
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 7/10
Gameplay : 9/10

The atmosphere, Sound, Tight Controls

A few changes could have made htis title better. Level editor would have been great!


Rekindling the Fire I Once Had for Puzzle Games

I am totally shocked of the quality experience that I had with this title. I picked it up free for Playstation Plus thinking nothing of it just to try something new. As soon as the game kicks on it starts with eerie music and it has a very dark atmosphere. Players are introduced to a strange 4 legged white creature in a world of darkness, it appears that all you can see is a small radius around a ball of light. If you drop the ball you magically fall through the floor and half to start all over.

Alook at the game
                                                                                                                A look at the game

Story: N/A This title doesn’t really have a story, it is more of a solid puzzle game, starts with puzzles ends with puzzles, there really isn’t a need or room for a story.

Graphics : 8I know some people will not agree with me on this, but the game ran beautifully, it was smooth, unique and every stage looked different. The motions of objects and characters on screen were smooth and always gave me something pretty to look at.

Strange creature
                                                                                                                       Strange creature

Sound : 7.5 The soundtrack was pretty good, the song choices were kind of creepy but it really put the player in the atmosphere that the developers wanted. The only downside is some of the tracks were fairly short on stages so it became a bit annoying at times.

Gameplay: 9 The controls were tight for a platformer. The players shouldn’t expect to move fast in this game as caution is often the key to survival. The concept was rather straight forward, enter a room find a way to the hidden door in the darkness by moving balls of light and other various light giving sources through out the level to get to the door. The controls are simple and only use half the buttons on the controller making it easy for anyone to use.

Replay Value : Moderate : Although this game offers a unique feel to it, I believe many players will feel accomplished enough just by completing the game. A lot of the increasingly difficult puzzles in the later stages of the game might wear a person out. Although some hardcore players will most likely try and find all the different ways to solve the puzzles.


TRG’s Final Verdict : 8 For anyone with Playstation Plus this is a must have being that it is free. It offers a pretty decent amount of entertainment. So anyone out there that wants to push their brains to the limits, while sitting at the edge of your sit filled with constant doubt pick up this title.


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