Persona 4 Golden

Persona 4
8.5 Overall Score
Story : 9/10
Game Play: 8/10
Audio: 9/10

Great Story, Musical Score, and Character Development

Persona 4 Golden
That Classic we all have been looking for?

Persona 4 Golden is a remake of Persona 4 for the Playstation 2. Do not let this deter you from playing this title. Using the Playstation’s touch screen features, online connectivity, and memory capacity, this title feels like a new game. The writers at Atlus hold nothing back in this title, as they show a side of people that most games do not dare show. Whether it is a teenage boy struggling with his sexual orientation, or just someone dealing with the many checks and balances of life, it covers them all

Story: 9 out of 10
Persona 4 Golden has a strong story line, great character development and multiple game endings. The story follows the main character whose name is chosen by the player and is recently moving in with a relative for a year because of his parent going on a business trip. Life in Inaba is alot different than the big city the character is from. You will follow the main character as he learns his place in the small town, making friends and gaining powers from their Social Links or getting a job to earn a little extra cash during the evenings. Each Social Link, offers the player to interact with characters in different ways, each decision having an effect on how the person views you. As the Social Links level up, you will be able to enter relationships with characters, or craft new powerful personas
Once you gain the power of your persona is when the real story starts taking place. Traveling into a TV world, you find yourself facing your own shadow, or your friends in the game when their time comes. This is a dark form of the character, an inner voice that is trapped and finally has a way out. Each dungeon is created by the people of Inaba mind, making some very unique stages and areas for players to explore. At the end of each dungeon you will encounter a characters shadow, which is generally the boss fight of the stage. After defeating this boss, you will not only gain an ally but they will receive the ability to summon and command their very own Personas.

Gameplay: 8 out of 10
Persona 4 Golden, sticks to more or less the same control scheme as its Playstation 2 original. The only tweaks to the system are some small uses of touch screen. The controls are smooth but sometimes while exploring the dungeons you will notice that the camera angle can get a little shaky, sometimes affecting your ability to do a pre-emptive strike.

The battle system is a very classic feeling Turn Based system. Players have the option to control each character themselves, or set up an AI behavior for each character. Playing it, I found myself taking control of all characters because the AI really wasn’t that great. The battle system relies heavily on players to use enemy’s weakness and exploit them, with the vast amount of enemies you will encounter you will find yourself trying many different strategies to mow down your enemies

Navigation in the real world is fantastic. Every place you guy has a quick travel, many people to talk to and plenty of side quests to complete. Whether it is helping someone confess their love to their crush, or helping a guy feed a cat, there is alot to do. Most quests will depend on your ability to go into the TV world and acquire an item from there to give to the person asking for it

The trademark of this game comes with the ability to Fuse Personas to make new ones. There are several different methods to do this, based on the number of personas that you use. You will unlock half the methods toward the end of the game. I found myself spending hours trying to create new personas, and running back into the TV world to get certain personas to make an even stronger one. This is also another reason for leveling up Social Links, based on the person you friend, they are paired up with a Class of Persona, the higher the level you unlock skill options and an increased EXP Bonus on the fusion.

Audio: 9 out of 10

Persona 4 Golden delivers a fully recorded musical score, complete with lyrics. The sound is very unique but catchy at the same time. As soon as I picked up the game and started playing, I found myself humming along or even singing along at times. On top of that all main story line text is fully voice Dubbed by convincing voice actors.

Graphics: 7 out of 10
Persona 4 Golden is a Playstation 2 remake, so the graphics look more or less the same as the Playstation 2 version. Some of the animated cut scenes appear to have been remastered, making a nice change for the game. Other than that, I believe that Atlus could have definitely made better use of the Vita’s graphical capacity and remastered all the graphics. If you go into the Gameplay animations understanding that it is a Playstation 2 remake, you will not be disappointed.

Replay Value: High
After completing the game you open up an option to start a “New Game +” .What this entails, is that you start the game over, with your money, trait points, updated Persona Compendium and the ability to purchase all the weapons that you have unlocked. There is so much to do in this game, that if you are a completetionist and a trophy hunter, you will more than likely play through this title 3 times. With its enjoyable music, decent animated cut scenes and several options for every conversation I believe most RPG fans will play through this title many times.

The Real Gamer’s Final Verdict : 8.5 out of 10
What this game lacks in the graphical area, is made up tenfold by the fantastic music score, the expansive story line, the number of choices presented to the player, the ability to build your personal library of Personas the way you deem fit. The list goes on. Although some of the controls feel a bit out dated it still is easy to adjust to and a small error to have to deal with while plaything through an incredible story. For any JRPG fans out there I suggest this title. For those people who are just looking to get into the Persona series then this is the game for you as well. The offer several game difficulties, which do not interact with the trophy system so the playing style of every player can be quenched of their thirst.

Some characters have a very unique look to them

A look at what the battle system menus look like.

A look at Marie, the new Social Link added in the remake


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