Tekken Revolution

9 Overall Score
Graphics: 9/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Audio: 9/10

Great Controls, Flawless Graphics and Its Free!!!!

No Prior Tekken Player Incentive, Player Matches Cost Coins

Tekken Revolution

A great new approach to free to play games

When I first heard that there was going to be a free to play Tekken game I will admit I was worried. Were they going to make you buy characters? Buy skill traits and stat points? If these were some of your worries about getting into the realm of Tekken Revolution then front no longer. This is one of the best free to play models I have ever seen. Making the word “Revolution” so fitting to the title. This game really does change how people will view free to play games and fighting games in general.

 intro fight screen

Gameplay: 8 out of 10

If you are a classic player then you will fall in love with this title as soon as your hands get on the sticks. Greatly improving on the frame data of characters, getting rid of some of the terrible hit boxes, and the best thing that was changed were the crazy “bounds” that could leave you juggled for whole matches on end.

The controls are way more responsive then Tekken Tag Tournament 2, side stepping is actually something that can be done effectively now.

My favorite change to this Tekken set up is the introduction of character building, you pick a character and as you level up as a player you unlock stat points. You can place these stat points to increase attack, health, and chance for critical hits. This adds a whole new strategy to the fighting genre, if you are more of a combo oriented player investing in attack power is the thing to do, if you are a defense kind of character then health is where you want to go. It opens the player to really adjusting characters they like and have their stats reflect their play-style.

The game is free to play, and really is the only thing and reason this category didn’t score a 9 was because you have to use coins to play all game modes, you obtain coins over a certain amount of time to play more matches. If you win matches or do new things in the game you get premium tickets, which allow you to play without coins 1 turn. The game allows players to purchase premium coins on Playstation store, they come in 3 pack sizes the most expensive is 30 for 5 dollars.

The only qualm I had with this model was it still cost coins to play in player made lobbies, and there was no incentive for those of us that have Tekken Tag Tournament 2 or Tekken 6. Minus these few set backs I believe that this game will really change how publishers and Developers design free to play games.

 menu screen

Audio: 9 out of 10

Like almost every other Tekken game in the series the music is fantastic, it has a gritty techno vibe that really makes you want to beat the hell out of your opponent. The voice acting is the same as it was in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, which is NOT a bad thing. I think the only real change was the sounds made when doing new animation motion blur attacks.

Graphics: 10 out of 10

This games graphics are fantastic, it is really just a polished take on Tekken Tag Tournament 2. The characters look great, environments look fantastic, and the fighting animations are smooth and cool. When it comes to visuals I believe this game has really nailed it!

 motion blur

Replay Value: Very High

Expanding off of something I almost think is perfect this game has a great Replay Value. Now giving the power to the player by allowing them to adjust stats, unlock new characters through game play and having a risk to reward factor, if you are an online fighting game fanatic this game will be everything that you want.

Final Verdict: 9 out of 10

This game is a 10 if you look at the quality to the price tag. I reviewed this game like it was a major entry, mainly because it really is. I think that the business model they chose for this game was fantastic. Free can never be a bad thing unless you are talking about STD’s so of course it is going to get a high score. Adding RPG elements to a very tight fighting game really works here. There were only a few issues I had personally with the title, nothing was given to players who actually purchased and have save files on there Playstations, and the fact it still costs coins to play in player lobbies. With a price tag of $0 this game is for everyone, if you are looking to get back into Tekken, or if you are already into Tekken and want to see where Namco Bandai might be headed with the next numbered entry of the Tekken series.


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