Rift is Now Free to Play! Is it Worth Your Time?


I’ve always been the kind of person who strayed far from the MMO world. I never understood the point in paying for a game that you couldn’t actually own and worrying about the servers eventually shutting down. No thank you!

Then I was introduced to Rift, a MMORPG. I played the demo for free and learned very soon that the full game would be free to play June 12. What?!

The first thing you do, like in most RPGs, is create a character. I usually dread this in normal action RPGs where it feels like you can change hair color, eye color, and gender if you’re lucky. But in Rift there’s more to it. After deciding between all the classes and sub-classes, you can customize your character’s face shape, eyes, nose, mouth, makeup, hair, markings, and skin color. The best part is, if you want to just dive right into the game and could care less about what your character looks like for now, there are barbers in the game who allow you to change it all at any time. You can also buy dye to color your armor later on in the game which I was shocked yet very interested to learn.

Initially, the game can be a bit overwhelming for those of you who are like me and have never stepped foot in an MMORPG. Besides not knowing which classes are best or what you actually want to do in the game, the skill trees aren’t exactly easy to figure out at first. You can pretty much build a character however you want, which could be good and bad. There is somewhat of a guide in the skill tree that gives you an idea on where you might want to spend your remaining points but feel free to step away from that and be creative.342111 (1)

There is always plenty to do in Rift. There is a huge variety of quests to embark on from catching fish to slaying everything in sight. It seems like any direction I turn in Rift someone has a quest for me to complete. The quests are also a great way to get armor that’s suited for your level. It saves you the hassle of buying it if you’re even lucky to find what’s right for you. So don’t be shy, quests are definitely worth doing.

There are two major things I love to do in Rift: random adventures and PVP.

The random adventures are an insanely quick way to level up and can be a ton of fun if playing with the right group of people. You are teleported to different areas and given tasks to complete. You can work as a team or ride solo. Either way, you’re given a fair amount of enemies or items to collect based on how many people there are and levels of those in the group.

Never have I ever loved battling against people in games as much as I do in Rift’s PVP. The games pretty much consist of capturing flags or points on amazingly built maps while playing against real people who usually bring their ridiculously good skills to give you a great fight. I remember my very first PVP match.. I had no idea what I was doing or what I was supposed to be doing until I realized everyone was running around chasing the person with the glowing shard thingy. Now I’ve got the hang of it quite well and I usually bring a challenge to the opposing team. The PVP matches will get you aggravated and “never wanting to play again” but I can almost guarantee you will come crawling back for more. And trust me, it gets better.

The online community is much bigger than I expected and besides the chat giving you a laugh when you glance down to read it, most players are eager to help those first coming to the game. I love getting to play a game online (for free) with my friends. And, RPGs will never get old for me.


Rift is worth trying, I mean it’s FREE as of June 12th, so you’ve really got nothing to lose. Who knows, you might even like it a little.


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