TRGCarl’s Top 10 Favorite Games of This Generation


TRG Carl’s Top 10 Favorite Games of This Generation

A look through out this generation of gaming.


10)Two Worlds 2 : This unique action/RPG game was surely a sleeper this generation. Being a sequel to a pretty rough opening game already started this game off with a bad rep. All the flaws from the first game are fixed. The targeting is pretty solid and the game play stays fresh. Highlight to this franchise would be the incredible spell creation menus.


09)Dynasty Warriors :Gundam 2 : I am usually not a fan of the Dynasty Warriors series because usually they all play the same, that is not the case for this title Dynasty Warriors : Gundam 2 , Offers players a few new things to the Dynasty Warrior player, such as selecting a pilot, then picking a mobile suit that you have a chance to collect parts for and customize your Gundams set up.


08)Armor Core V : Ever just wanted to feel like a bad ass on the battlefield? If this is something you have thought to yourself then give Armor Core V a shot. From customizing nearly everything about the mobile suit you pilot, your skills in battle will improve as you continue to play. The multiplayer is an on going war of clans for territories it is pretty awesome and fun. Any Mecha fans this title is a MUST have.


07Acceleration Suguri X : Although this title is only a mini it offers plenty of entertaining hours. It is a face paced 1 on 1 shooter were young anime style girls are flying all over the screen shooting all kind of crazy projectiles at each other. It offers a very good challenge for reflexes, and the story in it is kind of fun. My favorite feature was the local multiplayer 1 vs 1 some of the battles that have taken place have really been mind blowing.


06Kingdoms of Amular : A great open world RPG with a story line created by some famous Forgotten Realms Authors such as R.A. Salvatore. Not only is the many story lines captivating, the unique art style and game play put this games experience of a lot of games like it. Players level up with a very dynamic system almost like a table top RPG game with stat cards and class cards. There are many side quests and rare items to collect in this game.


05 Soul Calibur V : This game was one of the greatest fighting games of this generation, from its tight controls, to almost limitless character creation this game had it all. Although at the beginning there were some server issues, after they were fixed the game stay alive for about a year where it now is played by only few. I spent a lot of time with this title, and although it is a fighting game, it had a great story line even thought they killed off some of my favorite characters from previous Soul Calibur entries.


04 Final Fantasy IV : The After Years : This game was great, carrying on the fantastic story line of the original Final Fantasy IV. This PSP exclusive contained the original game, a interlude and a whole after stories storyline of various characters. This game adds a few new features to the already solid system of the original title. Some cool new features are the Luna cycle which based on what kind of moon it is effects how strong your magic or weapons might be. It leads to a more in depth way of thinking about battles in a standard RPG.


03White Knight Chronicles Series :This game had an average storyline but where it did excel where many RPGs fail is the multiplayer. Players kind of take an outside role in the storyline helping the NPCS go about their quest to save the world from the evil Yeshrinian Empire. After completing the story you get the option of connecting to “Geonet” From there you can quest with others, build towns and blog on forums. The game was fun and I believe it had a lot of potential too bad the game lost its support and now the servers are being shut down June 18th2013.


02Megaman Maverick Hunter X Series : Remake one of my favorite games of all time, sign me up. Basically these games take the old SNES Megaman X series into a more graphically enhanced world. With great instrumental versions of the classic themes from the old games. The game still offers the old school challenge the original offered, the only thing that changed really was how the bosses acted, and some of the weakness were switch around. The Haduken was taken out of Mega Man X and the armor enhancement locations were swapped around. Other than that it was the same great games as they have always been


01Final Fantasy XIII-2: Perhaps I am bias being a Square-Enix fan boy but I really loved this game. Square-Enix added everything that was missing from Final Fantasy XIII and packed in to a new captivating storyline and beautifully render environments with plenty of side-quests to do. I know killing a Long Gui for the first time since Final Fantasy XIII was a fantastic feeling. The character progression was great I felt connected to both Serah and Noel almost immediately. This game also had wonderful DLC support which is something that is normally lacking with these kind of games.

Well that is my top 10 list for this week. Let me know what you think and stand by for a podcast where I will go in a little more detail on each title.


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