TRGCarl’s Top 10 OST Tracks in Gaming.


TRGCarl’s Top 10 OST Tracks in Gaming
A few hidden gems throughout the generation

10)Intro Stage Theme(Mega Man X)- This song was so ahead of its time along the lines of the techno movement. As soon as the level loaded players wanted to keep moving forward destroying everything in their path.

09)Jenova Theme (Final Fantasy VII)- It is so hard for me not to put all Final Fantasy music on here. When it comes to wanting to fight and really get motivated to destroy your foes Uematsu really nailed it here!

08)Magus Theme (Chrono Trigger)-Probably one of my favorite characters in Chrono Trigger. The theme fit the character perfectly, providing the character a bit of mystery and badassery all in one

07)Palace Theme (Legend of Zelda : The Adventures of Link)- This was one of the hardest games I have personally ever played. I have such memories in the Palaces that as soon as the theme is played I still get chills and a little jittery.

06)The Moon (Ducktales)- One of the first songs I really fell in love with as a gamer. It really gave me a good vibe and made me want to continue forward!

05) Bloody Tears (Castlevania)-Is one of the more well known OST tracks out there. This has been featured in more or less every Castlevania game since Simon’s Quest. I don’t really have to go too much into why I like this song just search it on Youtube and see how many covers there are it is great!

04) Aquatic Ambience (Donkey Kong Country)-This song really takes the player to another world. It really feels like you are under water and it is great.

03) Green Hill Zone Theme (Sonic the Hedgehog)- The first song I heard from any game of that era. It was great upbeat, and really showed how far gaming has come since the previous era of that time.

02) Corneria Stage Theme (Starfox)- Starfox has one of my favorite OSTs in gaming. My favorite song though from the franchise has to be this song. It was the first song that I heard, but it really gives the feeling that you need to be urgent and defend Corneria.

01) Melody of the Lute (Final Fantasy IV)- Without a doubt my favorite song ever to be in a video game. I love how it really sets the tone for the game when it is played. It is a very sad song but it is also very touching .


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