TRGCarl’s Top 10 Villains of All Time


TRGCarl’s Top 10 Favorite Villians of All Time.


10)Bowser : This crazy evil King Koopa himself has held a special place in gamers hearts throughout the generations. A lesson that can be learned from the Mario series is that you shouldn’t ever hold a grudge against anyone. No matter how many times Bowser steals Princess Peach, Mario insists on inviting Bowser to play all kinds of sports and drive Go Karts.


9)Protoman: Being a fan boy of the Blue Bomber it is fairly obvious that this would make the top 10 list for me. In the original Mega Mans Protoman was determined to take down Mega Man, whether it is in the video games or the television show this love hate relationship between Mega Man and Protoman is memorable through comedy or just down right frustration trying to beat him.


8)Singing Poo Monster : Probably one of the most memorable boss fights in gaming for me was in Conker’s Bad Furday For the Nintendo 64. The fact that a pile of poop is singing opera was not only funny but something that I have never experienced before in gaming. If anyone hasn’t played this game it is definitely a must play for any real gamer.


7)Star Wolf : Star Wolf not only pestered the father but pissed off the son as well. Leading a team of pilots quite similar to Star Fox they ride around spreading chaos for the mighty being Andros. Some of the most memorable dog fighting gameplay I have ever experienced was against this crazed crew in Star Fox 64 on a Death Cube.

~Spoiler Alert for Shining Force 2~


6)Oddler : Meeting a helpless blind child in the heat of battle your team decides to help him out and ensure he is nursed back to good health. After growing a bit attached you soon find out that he is one of the top generals for the mighty Zeon. Through this it led many characters to not only feel a bit betrayed but also a little enraged. Oh the irony in video games


5)Garland : Although he didn’t play a huge role in Final Fantasy 1, it was the first boss fight I have ever encountered in any RPG video game. He was super over powered in my opinion and it was a great challenge. I grew more attached to him after playing through Final Fantasy Dissidia, adding a lot more story behind this dark beast. Some have argued that Cecil’s Dark Knight form was based off of Garland.


4)SIGMA : Sigma is probably one of the most Bad Ass Villians ever, Not only being a bad ass light saver welding devil bot. He managed to evolve into a virus that plunges the future into chaos. Creating an army of Reploid Mavericks with the mindset to rid the world of man kind, this evil bot is hands down one of the most sinister characters to ever enter the Mega Man Universe.


3)Heihachi Mishima: Without this insane character with a constant thirst for power the Tekken series wouldn’t have such a plot line. From killing his on father through starvation, to constantly fighting amongst the younger generations of his family Heihachi only has his mind on one thing, obtaining the Devil Cells and harnessing their power for himself, not letting even family get in his way.


2)Hojo : Not a lot of people recall this master mind behind the JENOVA project. He may have single handily been the father of SOLDIER in Final Fantasy Vii. With out this critical piece of technology Shinra Corp would not be as strong as they are leading me to think their monopoly on energy would be non-existent.


1) Kefka : By far the craziest villain in all of Final Fantasy, Not only does he dress up as clown but he has no morals, stabbing the emperor in the back destroying the world, to attempting to reign supreme over the whole world this villain is a force to be reckoned with. His unpredictable moves, epic theme music (longest in Final Fantasy History) Or his memorable 16 bit laugh there isn’t much not to love about this character.


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