TRGCarl’sTop5 WTF? Moments in Gaming (Spoilers)


TRGCarl’s Top 5 WTF? Moments in Gaming
Dude seriously wtf?
5)Kefka Actually Wins!? (Final Fantasy 6) :Ok so wow you mean a villain actually wins? Destroys the world? Becomes a god? Really this was so shocking to me. Not everyday do villains actually manage to succeed. This instantly qualified Kefka for my Bad ASS of gaming spot. Not only that but really he stabbed the emperor?


4)Level 100+ pokemon off an island?(Pokemon Red and Blue) Ok so you finally get to the islands after obtaining surf. Every Pokemon player carrying there brick of a gameboy around with them will agree. You find a new area you look all over for new pokemon. So things appear to be normal and then WHAM a missingno appears. WTF? I don’t know about you but I wasted my only master ball on this pokemon and guess what? No Mewtwo for me. :



3)Shiek is a Chick? (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) :I mean I have always had a pixel crush on Zelda, but Shiek was a bad ass. When I found out that Zelda was Shiek I practically “Shieked my pants” As I like to call it. Odd enough this experience actually solidified my love for Princess Zelda. (Peach ain’t got nothing on her!)



2)You Turned Me Into an Exploding Baby?(Mortal Kombat 3) : When I was playing SEGA Master System with my cousin way back win, his random button mashing turned out to be fruitful and turned me into an exploding baby. I laughed out of shock this was really crazy for me.



1)Back up off my controls crazy man (Metal Gear Solid): Woah hold up why is my controller not working…. what do you mean I have to plug it in here, What is going on? Probably the most intense boss battle in any game I have ever played was fighting Psycho Mantis!




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