X-Box One: A Pretty Disaster


Hello, peeps. My name is Cybertron Messiah. Before we get into the mess that is the X-Box One and its reveal, let me take a minute to introduce myself.

I have been gaming for as long as I can remember. There hasn’t been a time in my life where I haven’t had a console in my house. My parents started me out with an Intellivision. Yeah, that’s hardcore. In my later years, I haven’t been as hardcore of a gamer as I used to be, but I still follow news with a fervor. I think I have owned every home console that has come out, from the Intellivision all the way to the current consoles.

When I was offered a chance to expand my writing to games, I jumped at the chance. So, here I am.

X-Box One

X-Box One

And now, for the big news of the week. As you saw yesterday, both on here, and every other news outlet in the world, Microsoft revealed the X-Box One. Leading up to the event, a bunch of bad press had followed it, mostly revolving around an always on DRM system. So, Microsoft was behind the 8-ball before anything was official.

And then yesterday happened.

Let’s start with the big reveal: The system itself looks pretty. Unfortunately, the look of the system isn’t everything.

There is no “always on” DRM

Unfortunately, there is still a system in place that stifles the used game market. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for anything that gives Gamestop a prison shank to the kidneys. But I also know that used games is a more affordable way for people to get into games if they can’t afford them right away, or they want to test games out.

Here’s where I am going with this: Microsoft is implementing a system where you have to register the game to your X-Box Live account, and install it to your hard drive. With only 500gb inside, that can get eaten up rather quick. The always on model never really bothered me as much as other things like on-disc DLC (Here’s looking at you, Injustice.), but I can see where people get angry.

Later in the day, Microsoft said that people will be able to buy used games but they will have to pay a fee to register them to their account. So, Microsoft is making the online passes a mandatory thing. Now we see why EA dropped online passes from their games.

Usage of the Kinect will be mandatory for X-Box One

Well, at least they made it so that it won’t become a dust collector like the current Kinect. Microsoft finally realized that they need something accurate for a camera. So, instead of giving us another VGA camera (like the live camera and the first kinect), they gave us a full 1080p camera. For us gamers in the world that don’t believe gaming requires actual physical activity, we can be really lazy and yell at our X-Boxes to turn on. I guess a button press on our controller is too passé for the new generation.

There is one glaring problem with making the Kinect mandatory. And that is cost to the gamer. I don’t see the PS4 being more than 300, mainly because the blu-ray drives are inexpensive, and the internals seem very inexpensive. Making the Kinect mandatory will drive the price to at least 400. I’m not an industry insider, I’m just looking at the trends of systems. I would be surprised to see both PS4 and X-Box One launch at the same price.

There are many things that were revealed yesterday that people liked.  The console can play live TV while I’m playing a game via Win8′s snap feature. Since I’m not a fan of  Win8, this was very lackluster to me. To me, this seems like the multimedia box that Microsoft wanted to make when they released the 360. There will be an expanded achievement system, as well as an upgraded Live server base. There is a lot of multimedia aspects, and the specs of the system seem to be more than able to power the system.

The lack of games didn’t come as much of a surprise, seeing as they released a press release saying the reveal was just about a console. How are you going to get people excited about a GAMING console when there are no games? Also, the specs are very underwhelming compared to what the PS4 revealed back in February. What was one thing Microsoft did right? They showed the console.

There are a lot more points that I am sure the other writers will hit on. So, I’ll end with this. In my honest opinion, this was a disaster. I was an X-Box person from day one with the original Halo. Hell, I even enjoyed Fuzion Frenzy. But unless the games hit a moonshot home run, this will make the X-Box as prevalent here as it is in Japan.


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